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Appliance And Household Tips

Appliance & Home related tips, cautions and maintenance information....

  1. A/washer tips
  2. Air conditioner tips
  3. Cleaning and laundering tips
  4. Dryer tips
  5. D/washer tips
  6. Electrical and electrical house wiring information, Please have a peek.
  7. Household tips
  8. Refrigerators tips
  9. Wiring and power info for common appliances

Air Conditioner tips:

Don't wait until the heat hits...get your air conditioner cleaned before the rush of the hottest summer days. Window air conditioners should be professionally stem cleaned approximately every 3 years. Clean your filter every month!

Dryer tips:

A/washer tips:

  • Can rubber fill hoses burst?...they sure can!! Two simple solutions to help prevent this from happening. Stainless steel hoses can be installed, which are much stronger than the rubber versions. A cheaper solution is to turn off the water taps when the washer is not in use. If the shut off taps are difficult to reach, use the SS hoses.
  • Bra warning and your washer

D/washer tips:

  • Never, ever, ever, use dish ( sink ) soap or laundry soap in your d/w!! Normal dishwasher soap is low sudzing soap. If you use incorrect soap in your d/w, your d/w will fill up with soap bubbles and probably leak out the vent on the door.
  • 120º-140ºF water entering your d/w not only helps it clean your dishes better, but will also add heat to help dry the dishes in the dry cycle.

House tips:

  • Warning, hydrogen gas is produced by the chemical action within your water heater. It can accumulate in the water heater and/or water pipes if hot water has not been used for a period of two weeks or longer. Hydrogen gas is explosive. To prevent the possibility of damage or injury, if you have not used hot water for two weeks or more, or moved into a residence in which the hot water system may not have been used for some time, turn on all hot water faucets and allow them to run for several minutes before using any electrical appliance which is connected to the hot water system. This will allow any hydrogen gas to escape. Also, since the gas is flammable, do not smoke or use open flame or appliance during this process.
  • When it is cold and snowy outside, don't forget to clear the ice and snow from the gas meter.
  • Smoke detectors save lives!! Change your smoke detector batteries every 6 months.
  • CO detectors save lives. If you have a nature gas powered appliance in your should have CO detectors.

Refrigerator tips:

  • Refrigerator Water Filters, change your fridge water filter regularly will insure good tasting, mineral and chemical free ice cubes and dispensed water during the warm summers months.
  • Clean the hot condenser tubing at least once a year, more if you have pets.