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Dishwasher Installation With Non-Wood Countertop

I am trying to install my dishwasher but my counter top is not wood, what can I do?

From GE...

Dishwasher Mounting Brackets WX13X10001

Dishwasher Side Mounting Brackets

Brackets for Installing Dishwasher Beneath Countertop of Granite or Other Impervious Material.

Attach to the Top of the Dishwasher and to the Cabinets on Each Side.

From Whirlpool...

Dishwasher Floor Mounting Kit 4378968

Floor Mounting brackets

Floor-mount Kit.

Kit allows you to mount dishwashers properly when you cannot use under-counter installation.

From Frigidaire...

Dishwasher Mounting Brackets 154477201

Dishwasher Side mount kit

If mounting your dishwasher to the countertop or to the floor is not a desirable option, you can order the side mount kit.

You might be able to use kitchen range anti-tip brackets to hold onto the dishwasher legs once the dishwasher is pushed into place...

Dishwasher Anti Tip Bracket 316112004

Anti-tip Kit, w/bracket & screws

Something else that may also help....Granite Grabbers A Revolutionary Solution for Quickly and Securely Installing Dishwashers Under Granite or Other Solid-Surface Countertops. Works on all Solid Surface Countertops!

Dishwasher Parts