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The Great Spring Tune-Up Kit Sale

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Dryer Installation

  1. Allow at least 4 inches of clearance to vent out the back of the dryer. This will allow for the offset of the venting elbow. If you vent off the top of your dryer, cut out the vent hole by drilling a hole with a drill and cutting it to the proper size with tin snips.
  2. The method you choose to exhaust your dryer depends on many different factors. Choose the most efficient route from your dryer to the outside.
  3. Use a hinged damper weather hood to prevent back drafts and place it at least 12 inches off the ground. Be sure the placement of this vent will not exhaust dryer air to a window well, gas vent, chimney or any other unventilated area (such as attic or crawl space). The accumulation of lint can be a fire hazard so check your local safety code on this issue.
  4. Connect the exhaust system with rigid aluminum pipe and wrap joints with duct tape. Avoid using sheet metal screws. Hang the aluminum pipe from appropriate hangers on horizontal lines at the critical distances determined by your local building code.
  • 4 Inch 90 Degree Vent - Item Number 5305514872

    90 Degree Close Dryer Vent Elbow -Uniquely designed elbow to allow close placement of dryer to the wall

    Item Number 5305514872

  • Semi-Rigid Vent Duct Tubing - Item Number 5305512431

    8 Foot Flexible Dryer Venting Kit

    Item Number 5305512431

  • Periscope Vent Duct - Item Number 5305516572

    4 Inch Dryer Venting Periscope Kit, adjusts from 0 in. to 5 in.

    Item Number 5305516572

  • Duct Assembly - Item Number 521P3

    Kit, flex vent for dryer

    Item Number 521P3

forearm lifting straps

Forearm lifting straps, Part# 20001096: order here.