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Freezer Repair Help

TIP: Freezers hate extension cords!! If you must use one, use a heavy duty air conditioner/freezer cord!!

  1. Chest freezer lid will not stay up
  2. Chest and up-rite freezer repiar and maintenance tips from RepairClinic
  3. Freezer makes a "bang" noise when it shuts off
  4. I lost my freezer key, help!!
  5. My freezer is dead
  6. My freezer is running but not freezing
  7. Storage Help

My freezer makes a bang noise when it shuts off:

Sorry to say most times this is a faulty compressor. A compressor is a electric motor and pump mounted from springs inside the black dome, if one of these springs stretches or breaks the motor and pump hits the outer casing dome and bangs when it shuts off. Other things to check for, tubing touching one another, something fallen behind the freezer, defrost condensing pan out of place ( frost free models ).

Chest freezer lid will not stay up:

The hinges have springs inside them that hold up the lid, so the hinges should be checked. Often the problems is a build up of ice in the lid that makes the lid so heavy that the hinges cannot hold up the lid. When you defrost your freezer, prop up the lid and leave the freezer off for 24 hours defrosting, this will allow the ice in the lid to defrost and hopefully make the lid much lighter. Sometimes the insulation in the lid will have to be replace if the insulation cannot be defrosted or the ice block is too large to defrost in a day or two.

My freezer is dead:

If your freezer is dead ( not running and no noises )...possible trouble makers:

- house fuse/breaker
- cold control is open
- power cord or outlet

My freezer is running but not freezing:

This is most commonly a system problem, compressor, system leak, restriction. Usually big $$$. A service tech can let you know if the freezer is worth spending repair money on it.

freezer key

Freezer Lock Key - Spare or replacement key for locking freezers. Fits most major brands of upright and chest freezers.