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Frigidaire Stacked Washer-Dryer Help

Some take apart helps for a Frigidaire built stacked washer and dryer ( Frigidaire also builds many of the GE and Sears Kenmore units )

Frigidaire Stacked Washer-Dryer

Remove power!

This is an newer style washer front, remove these screws and pull down on the front panel to remove it. This is a break down of what you will see, the most common parts of the drive can be accessed from the front.

Need to get into the dryer...these should help...

Remove the 2 screws from the angled front panel below the consol and lift up on the panel to remove it.

Remove the 4 screws across the top of the front panel ( I wasn't tall enough to get picture of all 4 screws at once )

Remove these screws on both the left and right sides below the consol.

Lift slightly and the consol panel will roll off towards you. On this repair I didn't need to remove the whole consol but it is possible to completely remove the consol from the unit. Unplug all the male-female wire plugs and the pressure switch hose from the water level control/pressure switch.

Remove the 2 screws, one on the left side and one on the right side and the whole front panel will now come off.

To remove the drum, slip off the belt from the motor and idler pulleys, remove the drum block and the whole drum can be lifted up to release it from the trailer hitch like rear bearing and then lifted out through the front.

Changing a fill valve tips...

Remove power and the fill hoses ( new hose washers is a good idea! ), remove the mounting screw(s) for the fill valve.

This is an newer style washer front, remove these screws and pull down on the front panel to remove it.

Remove the screws ( left and right side ) holding on the top panel. Remove the wires for the lid switch.

Lift off the top panel. Front up first and then pull forward.

Now there is enough room to push the wash baskets over and you can reach in to remove the wires from the fill valve ( mark them top or bottom ) and pull the fill valve out in the open to change it.

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