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GE Dishwasher Repair Help

Always remember Electricity is dangerous and should be treated with respect. Please pick a topic by Make and or problem...hope you find this helpful :-)

Quick Info Tips...

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GE Pump Assembly

Motor and pump assembly leaks.

If you see water leaking out where the plastic body and metal motor part comes together, sometimes replacing the impellor and seal kit will fix you up. If you see water leaking out of the drain valve stem, usually best to replace the motor and pump assembly.

Quick info tips and schematics for the GE Nautilus dishwasher

  1. A common leaking trouble maker
  2. Another common leaking trouble maker - especially for leaking out of the door area
  3. For not filling with water problems, rusting rack problems, please see the general dishwasher pages linked here.
  4. GE - Hotpoint, McClary, Moffat style dishwasher just "hums" but won't run
  5. GE (Hotpoint-Moffat-McClary) pump break down
  6. GE's newest style motor and pump seal kit WD19X10032
  7. How to remove the access panels
  8. Important Disclaimer
  9. Loading a dishwasher help and information
  10. My dishes are not cleaning well
  11. My dishes are not as clean as they used to be on my GE orbital spray arm dishwasher
  12. Motor and pump assembly screw and impellor help
  13. My GE ( HP, Moff, McClary ) dishwasher soap door will not stay closed
  14. Newer electronic GE dishwasher control test
  15. Older electronic GE dishwasher control test
  16. Removing and replacing a common GE d/w lower spray arm - older style
  17. Removing and replacing a common GE d/w lower spray arm - newer style
  18. The dishwasher door is heavy and won't stay up
  19. Water draining problems ( general instructions )
  20. Water draining problems - some - some GE specific dishwasher drain problems

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