GE Icemaker Leaking

From Richard....

I have a GE Profile Arctica Ice Maker that tends to over-flow water into the try. This causes water build up at the back of the tray and if I do not keep on top of it the buildup ends up stopping ice to be made. I have attached a picture to show what I mean. Do you have some suggestions? Do I need to replace the maker? I hope not, since other than the water runoff it makes good cubes!

Reference Model number: PSS25MGMBBB ( can occur to other GE models as well )

leaking GE icemaker

The leaking around the icemaker occurs when water enters the icemaker mold too quickly. It then splashes over the front of the icemaker. Consumers will see puddles of ice on the feeler arm or icicles flowing over the front of the icemaker. There are three (3) potential leak paths. See illustration below. In order to prevent further leakage around the feeler arm, follow the three (3) step process outlined below:

  1. Replace the old fill cup with a new fill cup. The replacement part number for the new fill cup is WR29X10058. The new fill cup has a water diverter added to slow the flow of the water when it enters the icemaker mold. The fill cup does not fit the GSH and ESS Energy Star models.
  2. Install a mounting bracket spacer. The part number for the mounting bracket spacer is WR02X11556. IMPORTANT NOTE: It is extremely important that the icemaker is level in all directions, front to back AND side to side. It will be necessary to shim the icemaker mounting bracket to raise the front of the icemaker to obtain the required front to back level. It will not affect the operation of the icemaker to have a slight backward tilt. Install the mounting bracket with the spacer in place. Make certain that the spacer is between the rear case wall and the bottom left hole of the bracket. This spacer will NOT work for the GE Profile Arctica™ 25 and 29 cubic foot refrigerators due to inadequate space for icemaker tilt. For these models do NOT perform this step.
  3. Adjust the refrigerator. It is very important to make certain that the refrigerator case tilts back at least 1 degree or approximately 1/2 bubble on the level.

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