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GE New Style Pump Repair

GE dishwasher motor and pump seal and impellor assembly Repair Aid...

On all repairs, always remove the power first !!

To access the motor and pump seals, remove the power, remove the lower access panels. Remove the hoses ( may be one or two ) on the left side of the motor and pump assembly. Remove the wires from the drain solenoid, remove the wires going to the main pump motor. There are two large clamps that must be loosened ( not removed ) to remove the motor and pump. One is behind the motor on the rubber boot, the other is on top of the motor and pump up near the liner bottom. Remove front support bar and screw as well. The motor can now be removed from the unit to do the seal repair.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Hold motor shaft, remove old cutter blade.
  2. Remove the grater (note it is a left hand thread) (rotate clockwise) and discard.
  3. Remove the stainless steel wear ring and its retainer and discard.
  4. Hold fan and remove the old impeller ( right hand thread, turn counter clockwise) and discard.
  5. Remove bellows seal and discard.
  6. Disassemble motor from pump ( 3 screws on motor side ) ( Save the 3 screws )
  7. Remove the protective shield from the motor shaft and discard.
  8. Press ceramic seal out of the pump housing press from motor side.
  9. Install new ceramic and rubber seal assembly by pressing firmly in place making sure the ceramic is perpendicular to the motor shaft.
  10. Install the motor to the pump with the 3 screws and torque to 15 to 30 in.lbs.
  11. Install new impeller hold fan while pushing the impeller against the seal rotating clockwise. To 5 to 10 in.lbs.
  12. Install the new stainless steel wear ring and it's new retainer.
  13. Install new grater turning counter clockwise. Torque to 50 to 70 1n.lbs.
  14. Install new heavy duty spring cutter by holding the fan and turning the spring cutter clockwise.
  15. The new heavy duty spring cutter will not work with the old impeller.



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