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GE Older Style Washing Machine Help

Always remember Electricity is dangerous and should be treated with respect.

Please pick a topic by Make and or problem...hope you find this helpful :-)

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  15. GE older style washer - ohm test the water level control
  16. GE style washer - The timer knob will not turn the timer Both older and newer style.
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  19. How a washer works, good to read this first
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  21. Help for storing an appliance
  22. How to prevent socks from getting into your pump
  23. Important Disclaimer
  24. My clothes have a whiting on them that looks like lint.
  25. My washer has a funky odor
  26. Repair or re-install the clothing guard and wire
  27. Washer basics - filling with water and how the water level control works
  28. Washer basics - slow fill
  29. Washer belts: If your belt on any washer looks like this, replace the belt(s)
  30. Washer sample wiring diagrams

Test a GE motor-Pressure switch-Lid switch

1. Motor continuity test. Unplug washer. Unplug motor.

1    4


3    5

Look at the pins as pictured. The plug will look like the diagram above. Read continuity across all the pins as listed below.

1 to 5   2 to 3   2 to 4   3 to 2   3 to 4   4 to 2   4 to 3   5 to 1

When reading continuity you must disconnect wires from the component you are checking. If you have continuity between all these points on motor, go to next test. If no continuity on any pins read, retest several times then replace motor.

Lid switch test: Look in wash basket and remove the rubber clothes guard from the spout that brings filter flow water to filter pan. With a putty knife, push in on two clips that hold top to cabinet. You will find them about 6 in. in on either side. Lift top. Check lid switch actuater arm and read continuity across lid switch with it actuated. No continuity, replace the switch assembly.

Pressure switch test: There are three wires on the pressure switch . Identify where they go and remove from switch. With tub empty, you should read continuity from #7 to #15. With tub full of water, you should read continuity from #7 to #16. If you do not read continuity with these circumstances, then replace the pressure switch. How a common WLC works.

GE apt size newest washer: If your washer looks like this one. This is a nice compact washer that comes in a stationary model and a portable model. It has some difficult ways to be checked and repaired. I have some good information on the next sheets.

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