GE Washer Wire Harness Replacement

The new style GE washer has had trouble with bleach, water leaking onto the motor harness plug and burning the wires. If the motor is not damaged, this is how to repair the motor wire harness with kit part# WH49X10007. Sometimes a loose wire connector can also burn the motor wires, this kit will correct that problem as well.

Remove power!

Access the front panel clips.

front panel 1

Remove front panel

front panel 2

Cut all the wires in the wiring harness to the motor, at the bottom of the steel suspension rod. Strip 7/16" insulation from all seven wires coming from the top of the cabinet. Excess wire will be looped at the cabinet later on in the installation. Unplug remaining harness at motor and discard.

Install new harness kit

Find plastic push-in harness retainer on new harness section and insert it fully into existing hole in the right front platform leg. ( see picture below )

Plug in motor connector until it is seated, make sure that the harness forms a loop below the motor connector to prevent water from running down wires and into motor plug.

washer wire harness

Attach ground wire to hole in platform corner ( see picture above )

Route wires behind front platform leg. Dress wires upward spiraling between tub and suspension rod, towards capacitor mounted on cabinet flange. ( not all models have a capacitor )

Match color for color wires in harness and twist them together. Install closed end splice connectors and firmly crimp all seven.

Using small wire tie, secure all 14 wires together just below connectors.

Position the wire bundle directly behind the capacitor area with the wire connectors protruding 2 -1/2" above the capacitor area. Secure with large wire tie to either the capacitor or a hole in that part of the front cabinet.

In addition to wire tie, use black electrical tape to secure wire bundle to the top of capacitor, if provided, to ensure that bundle is secure.

Install plastic twist clip to secure new harness to suspension rod. Bend both right and left corners of the galvanized drip plate downward about 1/2" to ensure proper water drainage away from motor and motor plug ( if not factory formed - see picture below )

washer motor

Reinstall front panel, plug in washer and check for proper operations.

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