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Icemaker Valve Test

There are several ways to test a icemaker fill valve. One way is to cycle ( turn on ) the icemaker and check for 100-120 volts ( *some* Frigidaire built refrigerators use diodes in the fill valve system that give considerably lower voltages ) at the fill valve with a volt meter, you should get power at the fill valve at the end of the icemaker cycle for approx. 6-9 seconds.

Another way is to test the fill valve by it's self...remove wires from valve making sure you mark where they came from. Remove the feed line(s) to the icemaker and chilled water ( if you have this feature ) . 1/4" line is the icemaker feed and the 5/16" line is the chilled water line if you have a double valve. Leave the house water feed line attached to the fill valve. You can attach a "cheater" cord either using alligator clips or if you have spade wire connectors to the fill valve. Get a bucket to catch the water. Hold the fill valve over the bucket and carefully plug in the cheater cord into the wall outlet, this will power the fill valve to open and you can observe the water flow and is the fill valve opening and closing the water properly. Do this several times at about 5 seconds on ( plugged in time ) time and no more, try it a few times to make sure the valve is working properly every time. If the valve fails this test ( water dribbles out after you unplug from wall outlet or no water passes through ) it is new fill valve time. If the fill valve passes this is more probable that the trouble is in your icemaker. Please see the picture below. Note: the copper house feed is still attached, I have a bucket ready and I have used a cut extension cord with alligator clips attached to feed power to the fill valve that I want to test.

Fill Valve Test

For some here This test cannot be done to all refrigerators, if any doubt post your full model and serial #'s in the Q&A section and we will check on this for you.

Water filters for GE, Whirlpool, Electrolux/Frigidaire, Maytag, Amana refrigerators.