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Maytag Dishwasher Electronic Diagnosis

PCB Assembly Diagnostic Tips for Maytag/JennAir dishwashers MDB6100, 6150, 7100, 9100, 9150 & JDB7910, 8910, 9910

  • If the cause is a "dead not working" dishwasher, ensure that the wiring is properly located and attached to the PCB assembly. Check the door switches, check the main wire harness coming into the d/w. On some assemblies a jumper wire with dual terminal on one end is used. When attaching the wire from the main harness to the dual terminal, the possibility of a loose connection may occur causing improper voltage to the PCB. If the PCB board has a burnt trace on the back of the PCB, A shorted triac on the PC board may be the cause. The motor start winding may have been damaged, which should be checked at the same time.
  • If the complaint is "All lights are flashing", interrupt power to the dishwasher for 1 minute, then re-apply power. If the lights are not flashing, may not be a PCB problem.
  • If the "Clean & Option" keypads appear not to be working, but the "Auto clean" keypad does, disconnect the wiring at the turbidity sensor. If a cycle and any option can now be entered, replace the turbidity sensor.
  • If the "Clean & Keypad 7 LED" are flashing, this is the code for an incorrect "Memory Software Check". Interrupt power to the dishwasher for 1 minute, then re-apply power. If the lights are not flashing, the PCB may not be your problem.

A manual Function test for PCB dishwashers

A manual function test may be started by pressing the keys in the following sequence within 10 seconds.

manual function test

Click image for larger view

Keypad 2

Keypad 1

Keypad 2

Keypad 3

Keypad 4

Keypad 5

Keypad 6

Keypad 7

Keypad 4

The dry LED will FLASH indicating manual test mode active. Specific keypads will turn on or off a component as follows:

Keypad 2 - Motor circulate

Keypad 3 - Water valve

Keypad 4 - Soap dispenser ( lid closed ) Rinse Aid ( lid open )

Keypad 5 - Vent

Keypad 6 - Heating element

When a component is activated by pressing a specific keypad, the LED above the keypad will be ON. The test will cancel 120 seconds after the last keypad is pressed. To cancel test, press the Drain/off keypad.

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