Maytag Dishwasher Pump Replacement

Pump repair help for Maytag pump repair kit 99002103

To disassemble the pump module -

  • disconnect the power
  • unscrew wash arm cap
  • remove wash arm
  • remove jump nozzle
  • remove pump cover by removing the 6 torx screws securing it to the pump cover
  • remove 2 split ring seals
  • remove micromesh filter
  • remove backwash arm from wash arm support
  • unscrew three 5/16" screws securing upper discharge housing, remove upper discharge housing
  • remove 5/16" screw securing re-circulating impeller, remove impeller
  • remove suction plate
  • remove filter support
  • remove stainless steel cutter disc
  • remove the torx-head screws securing drain cover to housing, remove drain cover
  • remove drain impellor
  • remove pump housing seal

Re assembly -

  • to reassemble pump module, reverse disassembly procedure using new parts. when reassembling pump, care needs to be taken on placement of some parts
  • when installing pump housing seal, seal must be fully seated into pump housing. wet seal and use round cardboard sleeve to insert seal into housing
  • after installing drain impellor, install "O" ring
  • before installing re-circulating impellor screw, make sure sure "O" ring in on screw
  • install or replace gasket on upper discharge housing
  • when installing pump cover, and before installing screws, insert split ring seals into center opening of cover. while securing cover with screws, gently spin wash arm to verify that the cover and seals are not binding the wash arm support
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