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Neptune Washer Not Spinning

Neptune washer possible won't spin trouble makers....

MAH3000A, MAH4000A, MAH5500A

Not pumping out the water - if the washer cannot pump out the water, the washer will not be able to spin...check the pump for not pumping.

Door not locking - if the door will not lock, the washer will not enter a spin mode. See if the lock light is lite on the consol.

Broken wires at one of the out off balance switches or a bad switch itself.

A fairly common trouble maker has been a burnt diode on the main control board. See diode R11.

( click on the picture for a close up )

If this has happened to your main control board ( in the consol ) , the wax motor in the door lock assembly is drawing too much hydro and must be replacing at the same time as the control board. The wax motor can check, appear and test ok but will fail when working throughout the cycle.

Appliance Repair Aid does not recommend repairing this board, replacing the board along with the wax motor or the entire door lock assembly is the best way to ensure a proper repair. Some info on the burnt part(s) of the board is linked here if you decide to try to service the board itself.

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