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Noise from Bra Wires


A common problem with noises from washing machines and dryers has been the under wire that may come out of a bra. In the washer they can get stuck in one of the inner basket holes and make a scrapping noise, they can actually make there way into the pump and jam the pump, or make a terrible noise when the pump is running. Grab a flash light and have a peek inside the washer for this. Front load washers seem very common to this happen! In dryers, they can get caught in one of the drum seals and make a scrapping noise, ( remove power, grab a flash light and have a peek inside through the door opening ) or the wire can actually pass through one of the heating duct holes at the back of the drum and touch something electrical like the heating element, thermostats. If the bra is showing signs of fraying, may be best not to wash it in the washing machine, replace the bra.

What an under wire looks like.....

bra wire

Underwire from a bra

A tip from an Appliance Repair Aid visitor Pam....

Here is an additional tip for those who wash under-wire bras. Placing the bra in a garment bag and latching the back not only prevents damage to appliances, but provides the bra with longer life. It makes me wonder, though, if those reading this prefer to have their women change their bras more frequently, keep it a secret….just remember to replace it for her (take a bra in a concealed brown bag, or at least take the size, style, and brand to ensure a proper fit). You get to pick it out, look at lots of bras, you get to surprise her, and she gets to wear a new bra. You both win!

Thank you for the tips Pam!! :-)

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