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Parts for Humidifiers

Below are resources for determining your model number for your humidifier, finding the humidifier part you need, and lists of commonly replaced parts for various brands of humidifiers.

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Humidifier Parts and Accessories:

  • Bacteriostatic Treatment - Item Number 1970

    Bacteriostatic water treatment; prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. For all filter and wick console and tabletop humidifiers

    Item Number 1970

  • Hygrometer - Thermometer - Item Number 1990

    Hygrometer / Thermometer - Table stand or wall mount. Battery included. Humidity range 10% - 99%. Temperature range 14 to 122 degrees F. (Celsius switch)

    Item Number 1990

  • Water Evaporator Pad - Item Number 1990

    Universal Humidifier Pad - Universal humidifier pad. 7-1/2 inches by 26-1/2 inches

    Item Number 1990

  • Filter - Item Number 65-5

    Universal Humidifier Pad - Humidifier evaporative pad. 7 inches wide by 20 inches around

    Item Number 65-5

  • Suspension or Shock Absorption Component - Item Number VI410

    4" Wide Humidifier Belt/Pad

    Item Number VI410

  • Drive Belt - Item Number 6HB-RPS

    6" Wide Humidifier Belt/Pad

    Item Number 6HB-RPS

  • Water Evaporator Pad - Item Number 10

    Aprilaire #10 Belt/Pad Replacement

    Item Number 10

  • Water Evaporator Pad - Item Number 234

    Lobb Replacement Element for WA-1 and Others

    Item Number 234

  • Water Evaporator Pad - Item Number 234

    Lobb Replacement Element for WA-2

    Item Number 234

  • Air Filter - Item Number SGM

    Space Gard Replacement Filter - Fits Space Gard Air Cleaner. Models 2200 & 2250 (201)

    Item Number SGM