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Stainless Steel Cleaning

Q - What recommendations can you give me for the care and cleaning of the stainless steel exterior of my appliances?

A - Find out whether the exterior of your appliance is stainless steel or brushed chrome ( ask your dealer or the manufacture ). This can effect some cleaning recommendations, especially on how aggressive you can be.

For both stainless steel or brushed chrome exterior surfaces, you should follow the tips:

- Always wipe with the grain

- Do not use chlorine bleach or cleaning products that contain chlorine bleach.

- Always read the manufacture's instructions on the label of the cleaner, to be sure the cleaner can be safely used on either brushed chrome or stainless steel.

- For daily cleaning and light soil, use a clean, soft cloth or sponge and one of the following:

  • Mild detergent and water
  • A solution of white vinegar and water
  • Formula 409 Glass and *surface cleaner or a similar multi-surface cleaner.

Rinse and dry. To polish and help prevent fingerprints, follow with *Stainless Steel Magic Spray.

- For moderate to heavy soil:

Use a clean, soft cloth or damp sponge and clean with nonabrasive cleaner such as a baking soda paste or *Bon Ami. Rinse and dry.

To restore luster and to prevent streaks, follow with *Stainless Steel Magic Spray.

Tip- Chrome will permanently discolor if soil is allowed to bake on.

Specific instructions for cleaning moderate to heavy soils or discoloration on stainless steel surfaces ONLY ( the below products and practices may scratch brushed chrome, so they are not recommended ):

Using a clean, damp sponge or soft cloth, a mild abrasive cleaner such as *Cameo Stainless Steel Cleaner, or *Soft Scrub ( without bleach ) can be used. Rinse immediately and dry. Follow with *Stainless Steel Magic Spray.

More stubborn soils can be removed using a damp *Scotch-Brite pad. Be sure to rub evenly with the grain of the stainless steel. Rinse immediately and dry.

*Brand names are the trademarks of the respective manufacturer.

Stainless Steel Cleaner