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Washing Machine Installation

Pipes required for the washer installation include hot and cold hose bibb valves, and drain hose standpipe.

  1. Thread standard hose bibb valves into the brass female threaded winged fitting of the hot and cold supply lines. These will connect to the washer with a rubber hose.
  2. A 2" drain standpipe is installed with a trap above the floor for the waste line. Usually the trap is between 6 to 12 inches above the floor. Standpipe is normally a minimum of 30-36" in height.
  3. Install the hot and cold hose bibb valves and drain hose pipe so that they can be reached when the machine is in place. The drain standpipe should always be taller than your highest water level in the machine to add protection from back-up water and siphoning. These are usually pre-fabricated 2 inch pipes (designed to fit into a standard 2-inch drain pipe) that have a built in trap and are available from your dealer in several lengths. Commonly, they are 34" or longer but check your local code for length and diameter required in your area.
  4. Hook up the water supply line. Put washers into the washer end of the hose and hand tighten. Then give a 1/4 turn with pliers to tighten the hose to the machine. Connect hot to hot and cold to cold.
  5. Use a filter washer, with the screen facing out, at the ends that connect to the hose bib valves at the hot and cold water supply lines.
  6. Set the drain hose into the standpipe. Secure the hose to the drain pipe with duct tape to prevent it from coming out.
  7. Level the washing machine by adjusting the legs under the machine.
  • Leveling Leg Pad - Item Number WX17X10001

    Anti-Vibration Pads - Works with most major brands of washer/dryers.

    Item Number WX17X10001

  • 6 Feet Long Fill Hose - Item Number 5308816562

    6 foot stainless steel water fill hose with washers

    Item Number 5308816562

  • Hose, Tube or Fitting - Item Number 4392026

    Washing machine fill hose, stainless steel, 5 ft. with washers

    Item Number 4392026

forearm lifting straps

Forearm lifting straps, Part# 20001096: order here.