I shut off my air conditioner but the compressor keeps running

When we see this type of an issue of the compressor keeps running even when we have shut off the air-conditioner, it is the control board that is the trouble maker. What ever it is on the board that turns the compressor on and off is not working or welded stick closed and the compressor keeps running when when we turn off the air-conditioner or the compressor starts to run as soon as we plug in the air-conditioner.

Q and A forum example questions:

I have a LG LW8016HR window ac unit with heat. I had to unplug unit to stop compressor from running all the time... is there a relay I can change? or a control unit? If I could get an idea of where to get repair parts....thank you

This air-conditioner needs a new control board, linked here.

I have LG window ac with heat model LW1816HR the compressor stays running when fan shuts off?

It sounds like the control board for the compressor operation isn't shutting power off when it should. That usually requires the control circuit board to be replaced to connect the condition. his air-conditioner needs a new control board, linked here.

Same problem with a LG LW2516ER, please help and let me know what part is needed!

This air-conditioner also needed a new control board, linked here.

I have a 4 year old Frigidaire FRA186MT20 which has been working great for years until a few weeks ago. The evaporator started to freeze solid with ice blocking air flow. Then I noticed that compressor does not cycle ever! thermostat setting or even the power button turned off makes no difference. A ghost has moved in and has taken control of my A/C! The only way to stop compressor is to manually unplug the unit!

You will also need to order and replace the control board, linked here, and that will fix it.

Linked here are resources for determining your model number for your air conditioner, finding the air conditioner part you need

Window Air Conditioner Repair Parts

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