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John Guest Fittings

John Guest supplies speedfit ball valves, elbow adaptors, union elbows, inserts, connectors, and other fittings for multiple applications.

An example of one:

John Guest Fittings

This type of an fitting are now found on ice maker fill valves, water filter housings, ice & water dispenser hose connections in may appliance made today.

Do not use a side cutter tool to cut the plastic tubing as this will squish the tubing making it not fit so well into the fitting and may cause leaking. We use a sharp knife to get a good clean cut so the plastic tubing fits best and give us less leaking issues when we reinstall the tubing into the filling. Use the knife 90 degrees to the tubing for a nice straight cut.

John Guest Fittings

John Guest Fittings

John Guest Fittings

Refrigerator Hose Connector Parts

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