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Dryer Lint Filter Cleaning Tips

Dryer lint filter

I take the filter out and make sure the lint is cleaned off before I start drying my load of clothing....that is enough right?....wrong!

Yes it is always a good idea to check and wipe off the lint before and after each load of clothes. There is also some maintenance work that MUST be done twice a year, especially if you use those dryer softener sheets as they are often a trouble maker for clogging up your dryers lint filter.

We find that every 6 months the lint filter should be removed from the dryer and taken to the laundry sink or your bathtub/shower so you can clean the filter off.

You should run hot water through the filter and use a scrub brush or a tooth brush to scrub the lint filter clean (both sides) and this will clean off any chemical build up left on the lint filter left from the detergents, water and static/softener dryer sheets.

Dryer lint filter

Dryer lint filter

Dryer Repair Parts

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