GE Cook Top Burner Going Out

Reference Models: PP932BM3BB

Problem: Front right burner not working. The infinite switch (WB24T10119) and element (WB30T10133) have been replaced twice, working briefly before failing again.


Check the voltages before replacing the switch and burner once again. If the element is not working, check between P1 and P2 on the infinite heat switch. There should be 240vac there regardless of the switch being on or off. If the voltage is there and the burner isn't working, the problem is with the components or wiring to the switch and burner.

If there is no voltage there, trace the wiring back to the source. Check the lockout switch as well.

Some GE Cook-Top parts for our reference model#...


Infinite Knob

Item Number WB03T10025


Cooktop Cleaner

Item Number WX10X300


Indicator Light

Item Number WB25T10012


Switch Lockout

Item Number WB24T10113

GE Range/Stove/Oven Repair Parts

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