Kenmore Electric Range 790.94142310


The display is not working properly. If I go to set the time the correct time is there. The burners and lights work. Pushing bake it comes up with 177 degrees and not 350. The oven works. I would appreciate any help on solving my problem, links and advise on how to access any part needed to be replaced. Thanks in advance.

The answer and happy result:

Hi, 177 degrees C is 350 degrees F. The display was changed some how from degrees F to degrees C. This could have been done wiping or cleaning the clock, or simply someone accidentally pushing or holding a button too long. See page 13 in the use and care manual linked below on how to change it back.

Link is here-----> 790.94142310 Use and Care Manual

Kenmore Electric Range (970. which is a Frigidaire built Kenmore)


I can set the clock but the display will only stay few a few seconds and then disappear.

The answer and happy result:

The time of day does not display on my electronic oven control. If I push the CLOCK pad on the control panel the time will display for a few seconds and then it goes blank again. On many ranges with electronic controls the time of day display can by turned off or on by holding the CLOCK keypad down for 15 seconds. Push and hold the CLOCK keypad. The time will appear for a few seconds, and then disappear and finally it will reappear and beep. Release the keypad and the time should continue to display. Follow this same procedure to turn the time display off.

This used to be posted on Frigidaire FAQ in their web site

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