GE Range Not Igniting

Reference Models: ZGU36L6

Problem: The unit will not light unless lit with a match. The spark module and sparker electrode appear to be functioning and the burner head is clean.


This range utilizes the GE auto re-light system for the surface units. Assuming the burner components are complete and assembled correctly, try switching the wires at the spark module. If the right front burner is causing issues, switch the wires at the spark module with the left front burner, turn them on and see what happens.

If the problem moves to the left front burner, replace the spark module. If the problem persists at the right front burner after making the switch, replace the electrode and the high voltage wire connecting the electrode to the spark module.

Some GE cook top parts for our reference models#...

Switch Igniter

Switch Igniter

Item Number WB24X10091

Electrode As

Electrode Assembly

Item Number WB2X8598

Grate Foot

Grate Foot

Item Number WB02X11169

GE Cook Top Parts

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