Moving Day Help

Moving day can be lots ;-)

Moving your appliances so that damage doesn't occur to them can be a bit tricky, especially if you are moving them yourself. Below are some links for packing tips, moving tips and sooooooooooooo much more!

  1. Appliance moving and packing tips (North American Van Lines)
  2. Appliance moving and packing tips (Global Van Lines)
  3. A Moving Timeline for a Successful Move (Good Guys Moving & Delivery)
  4. Getting Your Home Move-In Ready for a Senior Relative
  5. NEWHome Improvement Tips and Projects To Sell Your Home Faster
  6. NEWHow to transfer your internet service when moving homes - article from
  7. Electrical requirements for most major appliances
  8. Installing a common washing machine
  9. Installing a dryer help
  10. Installing an icemaker water line
  11. Installing the built in dishwasher
  12. Moving a refrigerator on its side
  13. Reversing the refrigerators door swing help
  14. Storing appliances help
  15. Use & Care manuals and installation manuals

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