Appliance Timer Repair

Many washer, dryer, range and dishwasher mechanical timers can be rebuilt. Some electronic controls can be rebuilt as well. This is a good thing to know as some older timers may be no longer available or too expensive to purchase new. Some companies that offer this service are listed below, also check with local parts depot to see if they offer this service as well. The timer must be removed from the product ( mark down what wires go where! ) and the timer is sent away to the rebuilding shop and they repair your timer and send it back. This service can often easily take 7 to 10 days but may take up to 2 weeks.. The repair will come with a warranty just like a new part has.

CG Industries

CG Industries in Carol Stream, IL is the industry leader in the re-manufacture of electronic appliance parts
PH#: 1-866-RFR-2-CGI

General Time Repairs

We repair/replace all analog and digital range timers/stove clocks
PH#: 712-792-1248

We have been repairing analog range timers and digital range timers for over ten years
PH#: 661-588-2689

Stove Clock Repair

We repair all brands of stove clocks and microwave timers
PH#: 918-791-9309

Preferred Contractors Board Repair

PH#: 281- 584- 0660

Canadian Flag - A unit of Macro Point Ltd rebuilds electronic and mechanical appliance timers for all popular brands of ranges, washers, dryers and dishwashers. Canada and USA.
PH# 1-888-606-0090

Canadian Flag

National Timer


If waiting for a rebuilt part is not an option or yours cannot be repaired, try for all of your new appliance parts needs.

Some new timers available from

Maintenance and Repair Parts

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