Direct Drive Washer Motor Coupler Help

Whirlpool came out with a metal sleeve for "added strength".

motor coupling

What we have been seeing lately is the metal sleeve is breaking free from the plastic body part of the coupler and this stops the washer from agitating or spinning....but many people think the coupler is ok since it is not broken or cracked like we use to see on a bad coupler.

The way the older coupler would break...


...but the newer metal sleeve ones can "look" ok but still be bad. For sure check for the metal sleeve part to be loose or broken away from the plastic body parts!

motor coupling

Direct drive coupling used between the motor and the transmission on direct drive models NEW! Metal sleeves for added strength. Drive motor to transmission coupling, replaces all previous styles and versions Click here to see a picture of this part

When installing a new motor coupler, make sure the motor shafts are good and clean and make sure you add a little grease or lube to the shafts so the metal parts don't get rusted together...especially when the washer is in a damp basement.

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