Electrolux dishwasher error codes:

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The Modern Electrolux dishwashers are equipped with perfect an self-diagnostics systems. They check all the nuances of the dishwashers operation in real time. An error code appears on the consol display in an alphanumeric form.

The early models of Electrolux dishwashers were not provided with any displays, so the error code was indicated by a flashing LED.

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Code Meaning Possible Cause Possible Parts
i10 The dishwasher is not filling: the required water level is not reached during the maximum time i10 error code or single blink of an indicator with a five-second delay informs that water can't enter a device. If in a minute storage tank is not filled with a certain amount of water, the problem appears. It can be caused by a closed water supply tap, a water supply hose bending or a clog in the filter that is located before the filling hose. Such reasons can be fixed independently and easily, without any difficulties Fill valve, house water supply, water level sensor
i20 The system is failing to drain dirty water. After the maximum time, the water level switch hasn't signaled the empty tub i20 code or two blinks inform about no draining in a dishwasher. If during the certain period of time a device can't drain water causing the i20 error code, so most of all the cleaning filter is clogged, the drain pump is broken, the drain hose is bent or the water level sensor is out of order. As a rule, in order to get rid of the i20 problem, all you need is to clean the filters that are often clogged with food remnants, bones, and sometimes even with bits of broken dishes Drain pump, clogged filter, clogged drain hose, water level switch
i30 The float sensor of the "Aqua-Stop" system has sent a signal indicating a leak i30 code or three blinks of an indicator mean that water leakage protection system has reacted. To be more precise, the water got into the drip tray, the float has triggered and a valve in the Aquastop system opened the water supply. To eliminate this error, it is necessary to drain the water from the tray and find what is leaking. Also, you can just drain the water and bring the float out of the water position by tilting a dishwasher Float sensor, any water carrying items, too much soap
i60 The water is not heated or is heated very slowly or, conversely, overheated i60 code or six blinks signal that a device doesn't heat up water or conversely warms it above the set temperature level Heating element, wiring, control board, temperature thermostat
iF01 The water hasn't filled the basin to the prescribed level during the washing stage requiring some extra water This error is related to exceeding the permissible time of water filling, EG: water in the dishwasher was typed too long. Despite this problem, the machine continues to wash the dishes with a small amount of water until the water is drained, after which the error is eliminated Fill valve, fill valve clogged, wrong detergent foaming, pressure switch
i50 No information is received from the triac of the circulation pump motor, possibly due to a short circuit I50 error code or five blinks of an indicator inform the user of the failure of the triac which is responsible for the operation of the circulation pump (a short circuit has occurred). In case of this malfunction, the pump runs for a while at full power, after which the washing program completely stops. You can eliminate the error only by replacing the control module Control module
i70 The resistance of the NTC sensor is out of range i70 error code or seven blinks of an indicator mean failure of the thermistor of the heating element, as a result of which the washing is carried out without water heating. In this case, stopping the washing process is not provided. The program will be executed to the very end, but the heating function is not activated. Replacing the NTC thermistor will solve this problem NTC sensor, wiring for NTC sensor
i80 Missing or unstable data exchange between the microprocessor and the EEPROM i80 error code or eight indicator blinks signal about the problem in EEPROM memory of the control module. Most likely, there was a flashing of the firmware or a breakdown of the control module Control module, board power supply
i90 The hash total of the dishwasher configuration is wrong I90 error code of nine indicator blinks inform about the malfunction of the MCF or CCF control board. In this case, a user can't pick any washing mode and only on/off button is lighten up. The problem is solved by module replacement Main control board
iA0 An arm cannot rotate properly iA0 error code or ten indicator blinks signal that the sprinkler inside the machine does not rotate. This can be caused by jamming as a result of the voltage jump. Most often, the reason is much simpler - the dishes are settled in a wrong way. However, the fault is also caused by program failures, and not by a technical malfunction Something fallen through a rack, dishes arranged incorrectly, controller, sensor
iB0 The turbidity sensor is faulty iB0 error code or eleven indicator blinks signal that the sensor that determines the transparency of water is out of order. The breakage occurs if there is no data on the turbidity of water for 15-20 seconds. The most likely option is the need to replace the transparency sensor. The dishwasher stops all processes and waits for the moment when the connection is restored. The cause of the malfunction may be a malfunction of the module. The board must be diagnosed and replaced if needed Turbidity sensor, clean the basin, control module
iD0 - iAd0 No signal is received from the tacho-generator of the circulation motor iD0 error code or thirteen indicator blinks inform about the breakage of the tacho-generator of the circulation pump in case of absence of a signal for 20 seconds. The water does not heat up Tacho-generator sensor, tacho-generator, motor capacitor, control module
iF0 iF0 error code or fourteen blinks of an indicator means exceeding the time limit in the process of filling a device with water The problem appears due to the too long period of filling. Unlike the i20 error code, the failure is more often caused by software factors Control module
iC0 An error has been detected in communication between the user interface (display) board and the control module Contact the service shop Contact the service shop

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