Gas Igniter Replacement

Changing a common oven igniter glow coil.......

Igniter Coil Replacements:

  1. First unplug the stove. Remove the ovens racks & oven bottom, also the flame spreader. The spreader is the metal plate attached to the top of the burner. It will have a wing nut securing it to the burner. This is close to what you will see - picture.
  2. Loosen or remove the screws securing the glow igniter to the burner. Follow the two wires attached to the igniter. At the end farthest from the igniter will be a wire pull apart quick disconnect. Disconnect the glow coil at that point.
  3. Install the new coil exactly as you found the existing coil. Replace each part in reverse order. Plug in the stove and turn it on. The oven burner now should work.
  4. Be advise that some new replacement igniters do not come with quick disconnect ends. In this case, it's okay to cut off the quick disconnect from the old igniter and attach it to the new igniter.
  5. Simple clip off the wires several inches above the disconnect on the old igniter, attach to the wires of the new igniter and wire nut the two ends together. Porcelain wire nuts are best:
    Porcelain wire nuts parts help - click here.
  6. Repeat the process to attach the other set of wires and wire nut them together. There is no positive nor negative {polarity} to be concerned with.

Glow igniters are fragile & they break easily. Handle and install the new igniter carefully. Glow igniters are a non returnable and non refundable electric component.

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