GE Older Dishwasher F1 Test

F-1 Test cycle....

To set up:

  1. Close detergent cup and latch door
  2. Press two pads at same time time F-1 Appears in display
  3. Press start
GE dishwasher electronic help

Code Function Time Check for
55 Displays on 5 sec All digits, words, light on
F Water fill 65 sec Water valve on, motor runs
DA Detergent cup trip 30 sec Detergent motor on
C1 Circulate heat to 13% 30 min Motor on heater on 530W heater off at 132ºF water
CO Circulate 30 sec Motor on
rA Rinse agent dispenser trip 30 sec Detergent motor on
c2 Circulate heat to 145 F  30 min Motor on heater on at 950W water offat145ºF water
PO Pump out 406 sec maximum Drain solenoid on for 5 sec pump out until water gone or to 405 sec
Dr Heater dry 34 min

Heater on at 475w (25 sec on - 25 sec off)


  1. Press start pad to shorten time
  2. Caution: allow full time for FDA and rA
  3. To freeze function press "Normal" wash pad to unfreeze press "Start FWD"

To use F-1 with door apart:

  1. Wedge detergent pad to shorten time
  2. Tape door switch closed.
  3. Remove wedge & tape after check

Problem Codes

Display Problem
C2 Drain over 405 sec, cycle stops
C3 Will not go into drain, cycle stops
C4 Too much water, cycle stops
C5 No water in tub or inlet to pump clogged, cycle stops
C6 Water temp. too low after 20min. extension
C7 Temp. sensor inoperative no water heat
C8 Detergent cup blocked from opening

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