GE Refrigerator Auger Motor Not Turning On

Reference Model: GSL25JFPDBS


Auger motor does not turn on. When the dispenser light and solenoid are disconnected, the motor starts, but stops when they are reconnected. Solenoid and dispenser board have been replaced but the issue persists.


The duct solenoid and auger motor have little in common. The auger is an AC component powered directly by the main board and the solenoid is a DC component powered by the dispenser board. Both components use 13V DC to power the solenoid, and to energize the relay/triac to turn on the auger. The main control board handles this communication. Check the 13V DC supply from the main board to the dispenser board when you call for ice. If it drops down, something is pulling it down and needs to be isolated. If it stays at 13V DC, the issue is likely with the main control board.

Some GE Refrigerator parts for our reference model#


Auger assembly, ice dispensing bucket

Item Number WR17X11939

defrost heater

Refrigerator glass tube defrost heater and bracket assembly

Item Number WR51X10055


Refrigerator main control board assembly with installation instructions

Item Number WR55X10942

Water Filter

GE MWF water filter

Item Number MWFP

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