GE Washing Machine Agitators

GE older style washer

GE newer style washer

On older style GE washers the agitator is held down by a agitator hold down *WH1X1986. The hold down is fitted onto of the transmission shaft. The drive block is pushed into the agitator hold down and the two parts keep the agitator from popping up. If you have trouble with this type of a problem, replace both parts. The agitator drive block *WH1X1944 can be very difficult to replace, there are special tools required to replace the drive block. It may be a good idea to take the agitator into local repair shop and have them replace the drive block for you.

If your agitator and drive block are held down by a bolt to the transmission shaft, your washer does not have a agitator hold down and uses a different drive block inside the agitator that has a much heavier spine in it and this drive block appears to give less trouble.

*Part#'s - may be different where you are.

hold down drive block

The newer GE washers ( plastic tubs ) have a bell housing that is bolted to the transmission shaft. The bottom of the agitators have small fingers that grab and hold the bell housing. After a while these fingers and bell housing seem to wear out and the agitator pops up. Replace both the agitator * WH43X142 ( different agitators depending on which model you have ) and the bell housing *WH43X10009.

*Part#'s - may be different where you are.

hold down 2

If your washer still runs ok during the agitate mode but the agitator will not move, check for a stripped out air bell housing, the spline inside the air bell housing will actually strip off. Remove the agitator, remove the bolt holding the air bell housing to the transmission shaft and lift up hard to remove the air bell housing. If the air bell housing is stuck to the transmission shaft, you will have to break it off! A large flat screwdriver and hammer works well for me.

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