How Inglis Whirlpool Kenmore Belt Washers Work

  1. How the washer works
  2. How to access the washer
  3. How to remove the inner basket

Inglis, Whirlpool & Kenmore belt drive washers:

Disconnect power first

This style of washer is a one directional washer, in other words the motor only runs in one direction. This washer has a wig/wag solenoid mechanism that selects the brake and spin, and the other side selects the agitation and pump. The wig/wag solenoid on the left ( viewed from the rear of the washer ) controls the spin and brake functions and has a red and white wire going to the wig/wag solenoid. The pump and agitation are selected by the right side ( viewed from the back of the washer ) wig/wag solenoid and has a yellow and white wire going to the wig/wag solenoid. This is a basic description on how the wig/wag solenoid works. Please read the help on the agitation operation. Please read the help on the spin operation. The pump has a valve inside that opens to allow the pump to drain the water, this valve also closes to keep the water inside the washer. The right side of the wig/wag moves a arm to open the close this valve flapper inside the pump. The clutch assembly is responsible for the brake and spinning of the washer. The left side solenoid of the wig/wag pushes the clutch up to engage the brake to stop the basket from spinning, it also allows the clutch to drop down and engage the shoes for the basket to spin.

Inglis, Whirlpool, Kenmore belt drive washer:

Disconnect power first

How to lift top panel - First locate the two clips between the top and front panels of the washer, use a putty knife to push in on these clips. The top will pop up a bit, some washers have a hose running to the filter body, this hose and clamp will have to be undone before you can lift and tilt the top back. This washer also has a small access panel on the back bottom. How to remove agitator - Remove the cap and bolt, lift up hard on the agitator, they can get rather frozen to the transmission shaft.

How to remove the inner basket - Once you have the top up and the agitator out, the tub cover will have to be removed. Remove the snubber pad, arm and bolt, disconnect the fill hose from the fill dome. Now locate the 4 metal clips that hold the tub cover/ring to the outer tank, remove them. Picture...The cover can now be removed. There is a special tool called a spanner wrench to remove the nut that holds the inner basket to the top of the spin tube. You may be able to get away with using a large straight screw driver and a hammer. The basket can now be lifted out. Sometimes the wash basket is stuck to the tub block and won't come out. It can usually be broken loose from the block by grasping the inside top of the wash basket with both hands, one on the right side and the other on the left side of the basket. Push down on one side and lift up on the other side. Alternate sides if it is tough to break loose. If this doesn't get it loose, I then place my right foot in the basket and stomp down hard on one side.

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