Kenmore Range Burner Flames Red

Reference Model: 790.77483806

Problem: All 5 burner flames are red. The regulator has been replaced but the problem remains.


A number of different things could be causing the flames to be a yellow/reddish colour:

1) Is the customer running a humidifier?

2) Have you had the opportunity to take a gas pressure reading with a manometer to check for low gas pressure?

3) Very unusual, but contaminants from a gas source into the gas lines in the range?

4) Is the range running on LP gas? If so:

  1. Is the tank running low on gas?
  2. Is the tank regulator having an issue?

Finally, consider this: Are there other gas appliances (heater, water heater, dryer) in the home, are they experiencing the same issue?

Some Kenmore gas range parts for our reference model#...

Oven igniter with long wire harness

Oven igniter with long wire harness

Item Number 316489403

Oven temperature sensor

Oven temperature sensor

Item Number 316490000

Oven bottom panel

Oven bottom panel

Item Number 316400603

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