LG Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water...

Reference Model: LMXC23746S

Problem: Water and ice dispenser are not working. Original hoses built into the side door were replaced as well as a faulty dispenser and valve assembly. After replacement the valve engages and water comes from the wall but does not reach the door. Proper power is present throughout the machine and there is no leaks or water line damage.

Diagnosis: According to LG there are two water valves in this model. The isolation valve, which is located in the machine compartment, receives the inlet water from the home supply. When the dispenser or ice maker is calling for water, this valve is energized. This valve then supplies water to the water filter, through the water filter then on to the double valve in the door. Depending on what is calling for water, either the dispenser or icemaker valve is energized and water should flow to that device.

Check for the following:

~ Are you getting house water to the isolation valve?

~ When the dispenser is calling for water, is the isolation valve being energized, is there voltage at the valve?

~ Is water passing through the valve on its way to the water filter? Is water passing through the filter assembly? From the filter, is there water to the inlet of the double valve in the door?

~ Is the double valve dispenser portion of the valve being energized with voltage?

~ Is water passing through the double valve to the dispenser outlet?

Some LG refrigerator parts for our reference models #:

Water valve

Secondary water inlet valve

Item Number MJX62831301

Water Inlet Valve

Water Inlet Valve

Item Number AJU72992603

Refrigerator compartment air filter.

Refrigerator compartment air filter.

Item Number ADQ73214404

Ice Maker Assembly

Ice Maker Assembly

Item Number AEQ73110210

Evaporator fan motor

Evaporator fan motor

Item Number EAU61524007

LG Refrigerator Repair Parts

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