Maytag Dependable Care Washer Help

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Maytag Dependable Care washers:

This washer is a reversing style of washer, the motor runs one direction to agitate and reverses to drain and spin. The motor sits on a roller and spring track, the belt is a cloth/rubber belt. These parts together are the clutch system for this washer.

Maytag Dependable Care washer - how to take apart:

In the last few years Maytag has used three different front panels. Locate the screws on the front panel and remove them, or locate the clips just under the front bottom corners of the front panel. Use a flat screw driver to release the front bottom clips. The bottom of the front should be pulled out towards you and then the *top clips will disengage from the top panel. If your washer has a bleach hose, pull it off of the bleach cup. You will find two 3/8" drive bolts just inside the front of the top panel, remove them to lift the top panel back. Once you have the top panel tilted back, you are at the main functioning parts of the washer. A common Maytag console can be accessed by removing the 2 inner screws from the top and the console will tilt towards you exposing the timer, water level control, lid switch, function switches. To access the belts, remove the front panel and tilt the washer back and support it up. The belts are easy to replace from the bottom. The transmission pulley, motor pulley and pump pulley can also be accessed from the bottom. To remove most agitators, look for a 1/4" screw on the side of the agitator and remove it. Then just lift up on the agitator. If you want to remove the inner basket, you will need to follow the above instructions and then remove fill U-hose, remove the large ring around the top of the tub that holds on the tub cover. The tub cover will lift off, the agitator will have to come out, then remove the tub bolt with a spanner wrench ( it is a left hand thread ). The basket will now lift out. The pump is held in place by 3 screws that are installed from under the bottom of the washer.

*Installing the clip onto the panel helps...Hold the panel like it sits on the washer....push the longer of the two tabs/tails on the clip in the slot/hole on the panel and use a flat screwdriver to compress the clip so the shorter side can be pressed into the slot/hole.

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