Maytag Dryer Motor Troubleshooting

A few common motor problems would be ...I push/turn the start button but he motor only hums or the motor shuts off before the cycle is suppose to be finished or the motor is dead. If you decide to change your own motor remember to write down what color wires go to what # terminals before removing any wires from the motor. This style of dryer has a fan blower secured onto one end of the motor shafts. that must be removed to replace out the motor.

I push/turn the start button and the motor just hums: Check for something jammed in the fan blower, worn rollers, seized idler pulley or something jamming the drum, but unfortunately 9.5 times out of 10 this is a bad motor and you will need a new one.

I push/turn the start button and my motor starts up, but the motor makes a loud growl or buzz on start up. This is often the first signs of a motor going sour.

The motor shuts off before the cycle is suppose to be finished: Make sure you read up dryer vents in the basics section. Motor's also have a built in safety thermostat switch, make sure the motor is not covered with lint and that the endbells are not plugged with lint. As the motor runs it draws air across it self to keep it cool while running, these end bells must be lint free.

The motor is dead: A test to see if motor is any good, hook up a test cord to terminals 4 & 5 on the motor, plug into a 120 volt outlet to see if the motor will run. If motor runs, the trouble is elsewhere, ( like a possible open door switch, timer, thermal fuse ) if the motor is still dead with direct power to it, the motor is bad.

Motor test for 303358/W10410999 dryer motor.

New section on something you should look out for when checking for a possible bad motor. Check this out.

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