GE Microwave Fault Codes

GE also has some built in fault codes for there Microwaves....

They look like F1, F2....

F1 - ( open thermal sensor ), will occur below 190 degrees F of cavity temperature within 15 minutes of starting convection, combination or roast cook.

F2 - ( shorted thermal sensor ), will occur if a shorted thermal sensor is detected continuously over 5 seconds on convection, combination or roast cooking.

NOTE: it will take a minimum of 5 minutes of convection run time before F1 or F2 code will be displayed if the thermal sensor is shorted/open.

F3 - ( shorted key panel ), will occur if a shorted key panel is detected continuously over 60 seconds.

NOTE: It will take a minimum of 1 minute of run time before the F code will be displayed.

F4 ( open humidity sensor ), will occur if humidity sensor is detected as being open continuously over 5 seconds.

F5 - ( shorted humidity sensor ), will occur if humidity sensor is detected as being shorted continuously over 5 seconds.

NOTE: It will will take a minimum of 15 seconds after the magnetron is energized before the F4 or F5 code will be displayed if the humidity sensor is shorted/open. Also the unit must be plugged into a 120 volt outlet for at least 5 minutes before sensor is checked, this also applies after the humidity sensor has been changed. Before checking operation of new sensor allow init to be plugged in for at least 5 minutes.

F6 - ( shorted temperature probe ), will occur if temperature probe is detected as being open or not plugged into the receptacle. If probe is plugged in and "ProbE" is on display, check probe for continuity with ohm meter.

NOTE: This "F" code and "ProbE" will happen immediately if probe is shorted/open.

F10 - Shorted touch screen

Probe - Open temperature probe or the probe is not plugged in during a temp cook function. Make sure probe is firmly inserted into the wall of microwave and the food item.

888, 8888 or PF - It is possible to see this display upon initial installation or after power was restored due to a power failure. This display can be cancelled and normal operation resumed by touching the CLEAR pad. The clock can be reset on models so equipped.

18 power watch code - Indication of an issue with the electronic control in the microwave.

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