Some Kenmore microwave codes....

SE - Shorted key panel/key pad

PF - Power failure

E1, E2 - Thermistor error

E11 - Humidity sensor

F1 - Thermistor open - No heat or thermistor sensing error.

F2 - Thermistor short for cooking - No heat in 10 seconds after cooking starts.

F3 - Thermistor short after cooking - Thermistor temp does not go down after cooking ends.

F4 - sensor open - Humidity sensor sensing error.

F5 - Damper switch sensing error.

F6 - Microwave relay has failed

F9 - Inverter failure ( only on units with an inverter board )

Sears is a department store. They do not build their own appliances. They contract the other manufactures to build all of their appliances. This chart linked here will help you determine who actually built your appliance, then you can choose the manufacture from the chart on that page.

The first 3 digits of the model# determine who built it.

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