Samsung Microwave Fault Codes

An error code on your microwave usually means a technician is going to need to take a look at it. However, it could just be that you need to cycle the power on and off and see if the error returns. And if you're wondering what the code on your microwave means, the list below should help.

To try to clear an error code, unplug the microwave or turn it off at the circuit breaker for 60 seconds. If it's possible that moisture in the microwave's electronics may be causing the error, give the microwave some time to dry.

Code Meaning Possible Cause
C-10, C-11, C-12 Error with Gas/Easy/PH Sensor
C-20, C-21, C-22 Error with Temp Sensor
C-70, C-71, C-72 Error with Steam Sensor
C-A0, C-A1, C-A2 Functional error
C-d0, C-d1, C-d2 Door or Door key error Door switch, door switch mechanism, door key
C-d0 Control buttons are pressed for over 10 seconds (Not sure why C-d0 code has been used twice) Clean the keys and check if there is water on the surface around the key. If it occurs again, turn of the microwave 12-24 hours and then retry
E-01 Open Error
E-02 Cooking Time Setting Over Error (Microwave)
E-03 Cooking Time Setting Over Error (Grill)
E-04 Cooking Time Setting Over Error (Convection)
E-05 Cooking Time Setting Over Error (Combination)
E-06 Swing Heater Error
E-11 Open Gas Sensor Error
E-12 Short Gas Sensor Error
E-13 T1 Max Time Gas Sensor Error
E-14 Dry Up / No Load Gas Sensor Error
E-21 Open Temp Sensor Error
E-22 Short Temp Sensor Error
E-23 T1 Max Time Error
E-24 Over Temperature Error
E-25 Micro Cook Abnormal Temperature Error
E-26 Temperature Not Over AD Error
E-31 Open Gas Sensor Error
E-32 Short Gas Sensor Error
E-33 Under Weight Error
E-34 Over Weight Error
E-35 Invalid Weight Error
E-36 Door Open Error
E-41 Open Easy/PH Sensor Error
E-42 Short Easy/PH Sensor Error
E-43 T1 Max Time Easy/PH Sensor Error
E-44 Dry Up Easy/PH Sensor Error
E-45 Cooling Error
E-46 Primary Open Error
E-47 Door Open Error
E-51 Sense Failure
E-52 EEPROM Short Error
E-53 Read/Write Error
E-54 Zero Error
E-61 Open Humidity Sensor Error
E-62 Short Humidity Sensor Error
E-63 T1 Max Time Humidity Sensor Error
E-71 Steam Sensor Open Error
E-72 Steam Sensor Short Error
E-81 Communication Open Error
E-82 Communication Short Error
E-83 Communication Error
E-X1 Additional Open Error
E-X2 Additional Short Error
-SE- Key Short Error Stuck/sticking key pad, electronic control board
TE Touch Communication Error

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When the SE error code appears on a Samsung Microwave it indicates that your unit has a key that's stuck on the control pad or ribbon cable connection is dirty or the electronic control board has failed.

SE code show up on the display when touch pad or one of the buttons is stuck in the ON position.

Always keep in mind that microwaves can be inherently dangerous to repair. They contain internal high voltage components that can hold a lethal electrical charge even after it's unplugged.

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