Moving Refrigerator On Side

Q - Can a fridge be placed on it's side to be moved...Yes and No !!??

A - A fridge can be moved on it's side, but you run the risk of some of the oil coming out of the compressor and running up the lines to places where it can cause a restriction. Damage can occur to the fridge and the fridge may stop cooling :-(

Many times there is just no other way to move your fridge other than on it's side. Appliance Repair Aid has some tips for you.

The #1 problem with a fridge on it's side is the oil comes out of the compressor and runs up the cooling lines. If at all possible lay the fridge down on the opposite side of where these tubes come out of the compressor. Oil can run up the return line and discharge line, oil in the process tube will not hurt the fridge or operation. The worst is having oil in the discharge line. See picture below for a description of the different lines on a compressor...


As you can see laying this fridge on it's left side ( facing from the back ) would be best ( on this particular fridge ) as the discharge and return lines would be up and no oil can enter the lines.

If you have no choice and must to lay the refrigerator down, a box or something under the top part of the fridge propping the top to be higher than the bottom ( when you lay it down ) would also help keep the oil in compressor.

When you get the fridge to the location you want it....keep the fridge in the up-rite position for at least the same amount of time that the refrigerator was laying down to help any oil in the lines to drain back into the compressor before plugging it back in...after the few hours are over, then plug it in and have a cold drink :-)

Don't forget to tape the shelves down inside the fridge and also to tape the doors closed when you attempt to move your refrigerator.

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