Neptune Jumper Link Assembly

Jumper Link Assembly Part # 12001482

Check and clean the fill valve entrance screens and also check for any washer screens on either end of the fill hoses.

Occasionally a washer may be installed in a home which may have low water pressure. To address this situation, this special assembly has been designed to modify the Machine Control Board to address these type of installations.

Directly above the P1 connector in the middle of the Machine Control Board is a connector P6 ( see figure #1 ) You will note, the connector has six terminals. The first set of terminals are used in manufacturing function tests, the remaining two sets of terminals are for field modifications of the Machine Control Board.

Figure 1

Slow Fill - Low Water Pressure

The washer is programmed to fill for a maximum continuous fill of six minutes or an accumulated fill time of eight minutes. This is to shut the washer off automatically to prevent an overfill situation. Possible causes can be a pinched airdome hose, bad pressure switch, clogged screens on the fill valve. However, in some installations, the water supply has a very low water pressure....always clean out fill valve screens and replace screen washers in the fill hoses as well before attempting any repairs.

To compensate for these situations, a special link on connector P6 can extend the continuous fill time to 12 minutes and the accumulated fill time to 18 minutes. This is done by placing a jumper link over terminals labeled 3 and 6 on the P6 connector. ( see Figure #2 )

Figure 2


  1. Disconnect power to the washer
  2. Lay a dropcloth on the top cover and remove the three screws across the top of the control console.
  3. Roll the console onto the top cover to gain access to the Machine Control Board.
  4. Locate the P6 terminals on the Machine Control Board. Press the jumper over the appropriate terminals to modify the control board. ( see Figure #2 ) ( Slow Fill terminals 3 & 6 )
  5. Replace the consol into place and remount the three screws into the console.
  6. Plug the power cord into the electrical outlet.

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