Neptune Washer Problem Solving Chart

Neptune Problem solving chart - MAH3000 & 4000
Problem Cause Details
stops mid cycle water fill time excessive inlet screens plugged on fill valve, check voltage at valve
stops mid cycle unbalanced circuit open weak inertia switch and/or intermittent out of balance wiring harness
stops mid cycle door lock mechanism door lock enable switch not made, check wax motor for full extension 1/4"
stops mid cycle wiring connections at machine control board check 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B timer connections at the machine control board
stops mid cycle clogged cold water screen 1st and 2nd rinses are always cold. if cold valve screen is clogged the washer will stop mid cycle due to long fill times 
timer doesn't advance prior to series 34* timer contact 2A loose connection at timer or machine control board, unit will appear dead, no lights on
timer doesn't advance series 34* and later timer contact 2A loose at timer or machine control board, on light will be on, but timer doesn't advance
timer doesn't advance stops at end of wash cycle 2A timer contact doesn't make. machine delays for 1 hour. if advanced to 1st spin and delay continues machine defaults off. if advanced to 2nd spin, will complete cycle
wet clothes at end of cycle suds detection too much detergent/soap used. cannot properly spin out clothes
wet clothes at end of cycle out of balance partial load of mixed clothes, can't balance properly
wet clothes at end of cycle out of balance not leveled properly, bad floor
wet clothes at end of cycle won't pump out plugged pump, plugged/restricted sump, improper drain, drain too high
vibration not leveled properly level machine, make sure leg cups are on, lock all 4 leg nuts
vibration weak floor add support to the floor
vibration loose cabinet screws tighten screws, check screws on front shroud especially if the door has been reversed
vibration broken spinner support assy tear down and replace spinner support and seals
vibration balance ring bad replace spinner basket, balance ring has lost it's solution, leaked out
vibration damper plate in door make sure springs have not become detached. if ant springs have irregularities, replace all springs

* Series is the first two digits of your serial number

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