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Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker Overflowing

Reference Model: 795.78543806

Ice maker in freezer overflows with water. Water valve has been already been replaced and problem persists.


If the ice maker is not faulty, ice cubes from the previous cycle that have not been ejected may be melting and pouring into the mold (indicating a faulty motor or heater) and causing the overflow.

Additionally, an ice maker may overflow if the customer's water pressure levels have been increased. In this case, the fill time of the ice maker needs to be adjusted.

Some Kenmore Refrigerator parts for our reference model#

Refrigerator ice maker kit

Refrigerator ice maker kit

Item Number AEQ72909603

Water valve

Water valve

Item Number 5221JB2006K

Ice and Water Replacement Filter

Ice and Water Replacement Filter

Item Number 5231JA2006A

Main power control board

Main power control board

Item Number EBR52304404

Refrigerator Parts

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