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Buying an older home can be exciting - perhaps you fell in love with a historic property, or maybe you would love the challenge of purchasing a fixer-upper with great bones. But maintaining and repairing older homes to suit modern standards can be tough. Here are a few things you should consider before buying an older home, as well as key home improvement projects to upgrade your property.

Special Care for Older Homes

Maintaining older homes can bring some unique challenges, so every home buyer should be aware of these complications before purchasing a historic home.

  1. If you've recently purchased an older home, it's important to be aware that you may have asbestos in your home, so looking into removal is crucial.
  2. Living in an older home can also bring the risk of lead exposure, which can be remedied by removing lead paint.
  3. Before you purchase an older home, keep these issues in mind and determine if you're a good candidate for buying a home "as is".

DIY Home Improvement Projects

Do you need to hire a contractor to fix up your older home? Not necessarily! You can tackle these projects without the help of a professional.

  1. If you have hardwood floors that need to be spruced up, you can refinish them on your own.
  2. Are your doors and windows uncomfortably drafty? You can patch them upby yourself.
  3. Yes, you can even take care of major projects, like installing a hot water heater, without bringing a contractor on board!
  4. Need appliances repaired? Appliance Repair Aid for appliance repair help!

Hiring Contractors for Major Projects

Attempting certain home improvement projects on your own would be unwise. Here are a few common reasons you may require a contractor for repairs in your older home.

  1. Your older home might have a plumbing system in need of serious repair, and these tips will show you how to hire a reputable plumber.
  2. Are you concerned about your home's foundation? You'll need a contractor who specializes in foundation repair.
  3. There's a possibility your electric system needs to be updated and rewired. This guide illustrates how to select the right electrician.
  4. Want to install a fence around your property? Save time and get great results by using a fence contractor.

If you've found the historic home of your dreams, you can polish up the property to see its full potential. Knowing which projects to DIY and when to hire contractors will help you make smart investments! With these resources, you'll be able to make your home's beauty shine through!

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