Replacing Belt-Drive Washer Belt

Please follow the step by step instructions below.....

  1. Turn off water. Disconnect electrical supply and water hoses.
  2. Remove agitator and cap from machine ( this is not always possible as the agitator gets frozen on the shaft, it just makes the job a little easier )
  3. Lay machine on it's front. Protect front of the unit from scratches. Do not leave it over night on it's front as some oil will leak out the breather hole on top of the transmission.
  4. Remove rear service panel
  5. Loosen both nuts holding the motor mounting bracket in the slotted base plate holes. (see figure 1)
    figure 1
  6. Rotate the motor to the right to relieve the belt tension and remove belt from motor pulley
  7. After belt is removed from motor pulley, rotate motor to the left as far as possible to assure cam bar clearance.
  8. The spin cam bar must be advanced to the spin position. Push up on the spin control solenoid plunger and rotate the main drive pulley until the cam bar advances to the spin position.
  9. Remove the brake yoke spring from the gear case cover and yok. (see figure 2)
    figure 2
  10. Remove completely the 3 support braces attached to the gear case and base plate. (see figure 3)
  11. Remove the 2 pump mounting bolts. The pump hoses do not have to be disturbed. (see figure 3)
  12. Remove the gear case mounting stud which has the spacer. remove spacer (see figure 2). Loosen the remaining 2 gear case mounting studs approximately 7 turns. (see figure 3).
    figure 3
  13. fig3.JPG (15698 bytes)
  14. Remove yoke retainer from yoke support. (see figure 2 for the types of yoke retainer).
  15. The gear case can now be pulled down so that the belt can be slipped out between the top of of the clutch shaft and the clutch yoke. (see figure 4) and then through the space beneath the short stud; drop the belt from around the gear case.
    figure 4
  16. Reverse the procedure in steps 15 & 13 to install the new belt.
  17. Replace the pump making certain the pump lever is engaged in the notch in the agitator cam bar before securing the pump to the gear case ( see figure 5).
    figure 5
  18. Grasp the bottom loop of the yoke spring with a pair of pliers and engage the spring with the hole in the upper gear case cover (see figure 2).
  19. Replace spacer in short gear case mounting stud. Tighten the 3 gearcase mounting bolts ( finger tight only ). Next, set the machine upright and tighten the gear case mounting bolts securely. This procedure will allow the superstructure to properly align itself with the center post bearing.
  20. Lay the machine on it's front to mount the 3 support braces to the gearcase baseplate. Tighten the bolts securely.
  21. To adjust the belt tension properly, position the belt over the pulleys. Insert a hammer handle or some other lever between the motor mounting brackets. Rotate the motor to the left as far as it will go. Tighten the nuts holding the motor mounting bracket. Check the tension of the belt, it should deflect about 1/2 inch. (see figure 1).
  22. Set machine upright. Reinstall the agitator, agitator cap, service panel, water hoses and connect electrical supply.

What the belt looks like when installed...


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