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Control is programmed to stop running and not allow any further cycles if it detects a water heating problem (no temperature increase detected in heated Main Wash cycle or in 3 consecutive cycles on the latest software version). Control blinks the Clean LED 7 times repeatedly and disables the Start/Resume key until cleared.

Running Diagnostics clears the control and allows it to operate again. The water heating condition must be corrected or the control will stop running again. See potential causes below.

Check If…

Heater circuit problem:

• Open heater.

• Wire disconnected, open connection or component in heater circuit.

• Faulty heater drive circuit on control.


1. Check operation of heater in Diagnostics cycle.

2. Unplug dishwasher or disconnect power.

3. Check resistance of heater and all components and connections in the water heating circuit or heat dry circuit.

Door switch not making contact consistently:

• Misaligned door latch assembly (which can be aggravated by high door closure force keeping strike plate from fully seating).

• Faulty door switch (high resistance).

• Loose or missing installation anchor screws, causing tank to shift in cut-out.

NOTE: Neutral switch on plastic tub models is only in series with the heater; other loads are not affected.

1. Unplug dishwasher or disconnect power.

2. Measure resistance of door switch contacts while checking mechanical operation of latch assembly. Confirm switches not loose from assembly. Check strike plate and door closure.

Wash pump not pumping water past the heater efficiently.

• Foreign object in pump

• Excessive foaming

• Clogged pump screen or broken chopper screen

• Loose electrical connection in motor circuit

See Tech Sheet in the dishwasher -  “WASH PUMP WILL NOT PUMP”.

Lack of water to heat. (Unit not filling properly)

• Insufficient water supply pressure

• Fill valve screen blocked or valve not opening fully

• Loose electrical connection on Fill Valve.

• Float switch obstructed or functioning abnormally

 See Tech Sheet in the dishwasher -  “WILL NOT FILL OR LOW WATER”.


Diagnostic Key Dance:

Heat Dry - Normal - Heat Dry - Normal

 Or: High Temp - Air Dry - High Temp - Air Dry


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