Tumble Washer Odour

Tumble Action Washer "Odour Complaints"

Problem: Odour complaints in Tumble Action Washers

Cause: Possible one or more of the following:

  1. Fabric softener build-up at the entrance to the coin trap.
  2. Fabric fibers or other materials caught between the spin tub or other tub.
  3. Detergent and/or fabric softener build-up in the dispenser drawer.
  4. Iron, manganese or sulfur in the water supply.
  5. Frequent use of cold-water washes is not allowing detergent to dissolve completely.

Solution: To determine if fabric softener build-up is at the entrance to the coin trap, remove the front service panel. Then remove the coin trap hose from the tub. If this is the source of the odor, the inner ridges of the drain trap will be covered with thick globs of fabric softener. In this case, a bottle brush (or a condenser coil brush) can be used to clean between the front of the outer shell and the spin tub. If there is nothing between the tubs or around the opening of the coin trap hose, the following suggestions may be provided to the user/homeowner to try remove odors from the washer:

  • Remove and clean the dispenser drawer with hot tap water.
  • Clean the drawer opening recess with a small brush dipped in hot water/chlorine bleach solution.
  • Clean around the door opening, glass, and bellows, area with a hot water/chlorine bleach solution.
  • Wipe the drum with a non-abrasive cleaner and rinse well.
  • Add one cup of liquid bleach to the empty tub and run through one regular wash cycle using the hot water setting.
  • Add one package of Affresh style cleaner Washing Machine Cleaner & Deodorizer) to the empty tub and run a regular wash cycle using HOT water. You can also use these to clean the bellows and door area.
  • If no small children are present in the household, leave the door ajar after each washing to allow air to enter and dissipate moisture. Note: An open door could entice children to hang on the door or crawl inside the washer.

Occasionally use warm or hot water settings for your wash. This will help eliminate animal fat residue found in some detergents that may contribute to odours.

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