Washer Suspension Help

Washer moves around too much:

There are a series of pads that control the suspension of this style washer. Look here at the 3 items numbered 16. These pads along with the 3 items numbered 18 are the pads that the suspension plate slides on to give the washer movement during the spin cycle. Without some arrangement of this type, the washer would jump up and down during the spin cycle. Some people says this is what happens when something is amiss with the suspension of this washer. If you have already checked the obvious things such as a weak floor that acts like a diving board and lets the washer shake badly, check the balance ring on top of the wash basket. It is either liquid filled and should be about half full of liquid, or it is a concrete ring molded on to the wash basket. The liquid can escape from the balance ring and give out of balance problems. Check the level of the washer, check the front legs to see that they are not run out too far, pull the washer forward a little and drop it pretty hard on the rear legs so the rear self leveling legs will operate. After you have done these things, then it is time to check the plate suspension pads and the base suspension pads. They can become worn. They will also glaze and not grab the plate and exert the pressure needed to keep the washer from shaking badly. I have heard of cleaning them and scuffing them up with sandpaper, but if you are going to the trouble to get to them, I would replace them. Suspension problems also arise on this product when the washer is transported or placed in a horizontal position for repairs to be made. The suspension plate can twist out of place and the washer will really shake badly during spin. Direct drive washer suspension out of place. This occurs when the washer is transported on it's side. This can also happen when repairs are made with washer on it's side or front. There are many ways to accomplish this repair, this is just one way for one person to do the job easily. Begin by removing the cabinet. To remove the cabinet on this design machine. Locate two screws in the bottom front of the control panel. This panel is where you set controls. Remove the two Phillips head screws and lift up and turn control panel backwards. It will hinge to an up position and stay there. Locate the two brass colored clips that hold the back of the washer to the cabinet. Remove by prying up with screwdriver. Unplug the wires going to the lid switch. Pull forward on the cabinet and the whole thing will disconnect from the base of washer and you can set it aside. After removing the cabinet, remove the motor and pump. This will make it a whole lot easier to do the job. Use your return or back button to come back here after viewing the picture. Picture #1 shows the suspension in the proper placement. The suspension plate is the white triangular plate about in the middle of the picture. Picture #2 shows the suspension plate in the out of place position. Picture #3 shows how I place a brick under the washer in order to lift the mechanism in order to get the suspension plate back in place. When you have the suspension plate back in place, replace the motor and pump. To replace the cabinet: There is a lip on the front inside of the cabinet that must be placed under the front base of the washer where the front legs are located. Open lid of washer and put cabinet flange under base by looking through lid and down. You can see by doing it this way. The sides of the cabinet have a couple holes that line up with protruding metal slots located on base in order to lock cabinet sides to base. Look at all this before starting reassembly. Get it all lined up and finish procedure by plugging lid switch plug back in and replacing the clips. Lower the control panel and put screws back in. Test your repairs.

A picture of common lower suspension pads....

washer suspension pads

Another good part breakdown of the suspension system of the direct drive washer.....

washer suspension plate

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