Washing Machine Dancing across Floor

Here's some tips on how to keep it in its place.

Washing Machine vibrating or moving helps and tips from RC

It's very important your washing machine be perfectly level and on a solid, stable floor. Off-balance washing machines sometimes shimmy across the floor or even do a full-out jig. This dancing is often accompanied by loud banging noises. If this happens to you, here's how to fix it yourself:

Adjust the machine's leveling legs until a level shows the machine is perfectly level from front to back and side to side. While doing this, make sure the legs are adjusted up as far as possible in order to lower the center of gravity of the machine. Lubricate the leveling legs with something like WD-40 occasionally to prevent them from getting stuck in the up position.

Once the unit is level, tighten the lock nuts on the leveling legs against the base of the washer to prevent the legs from unscrewing due to washer movement.

NOTE: Some washing machines have self-leveling rear legs. If this is true of your washer, tip the machine forward and set it back down firmly to set the rear legs. Then adjust the front legs until the washer is level. You still need adjust the front leveling legs up as far as possible.

To prevent your washer from becoming off balance, don't overload it or run a very small load, with just a few heavy items. Either case can cause your machine to go off balance.

Weak floors also lead to dancing washing machines. If the floor is vibrating when the washer is spinning, the floor should be strengthened. To check your floor, set a half-full glass of water next to the washer and put it into a spin cycle. If the glass of water vibrates, the floor needs to be strengthened. A layer of ¾" fire-resistant plywood that spans underneath both the washer and dryer often does the trick, screw this down to the existing floor.

Some levelling legs have rubber pads built into the legs, this will help the washer stick to the floor to prevent the washer from moving around. Sometimes these pads can wear down or become damaged and new legs would be required.

If your washer slides because it sits on a slick floor, try putting specially made non-slip pads underneath the levelling legs.

If your washer vibrates, try putting specially made isolation pads underneath the levelling legs.

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